DAY 8 – DAW January

Elasticity, Hooke’s law and elastic constants of isotropic solids and their inter-relation; Questions: Q 1. State and explain stokes’ law. A drop of water of radius 0.01 m is falling through a medium whose density is   1.21kg/m31.21 kg/m^31.21kg/m3 and η=1.8×10−5N−s/m\eta= 1.8\times 10^{-5}N-s/mη=1.8×10−5N−s/m  . Find the terminal velocity of the drop of water. [15 marks] …

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DAY 5 – DAW January

Rigid body; Degrees of freedom, Euler’s theorem, angular velocity, angular momentum, moments of inertia, theorems of parallel and perpendicular axes, Questions: Q 1. A homogeneous right triangular pyramid wih the base side aaa and height 32a\frac32a23​a is shown below. Obtain the moment of inertia tensor of the pyramid. [15 marks] Q 2. The angular momentum …

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