DAY 1 – DAW January

Laws of motion; conservation of energy and momentum, Conservation theorems for energy, momentum and angular momentum;


Q 1. A body of mass m splits into two masses m1m_1 and m2m_2 by an explosion. After the split, the bodies move with a total kinetic energy of TT in opposite direction. Show that their relative speed is 2Tm/m1m2\sqrt{2Tm/m_1m_2}. [10 marks]

Q 2. Define a conservative field. Determine if the field given below is conservative in nature: E=c[y2i^+(2xy+z2)j^+2yzk^]E = c[y^2 \hat i + (2xy + z^2) \hat j + 2yz \hat k] volts per meter, where c is a constant. [10 marks]

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