DAY 3 – DAW January

centripetal and Coriolis accelerations; Motion under a central force; Conservation of angular momentum,


Q 1. For a freely falling body from the height ‘h’ on the surface of the earth in the northern hemisphere with a latitude ‘θ’, show that the deviation of the body towards the east at the final stage is given by 13wCosθ(8h3/g)1/2\frac 1 3 w Cosθ(8h^3/g)^{1/2}, where ω\omega is the angular velocity of the earth and ‘g’ is the acceleration due to gravity. [ 15 marks]

Q 2. A particle describes a circular orbit under the influence of an attractive central force directed towards a point on the circle. Show that the force varies as the inverse fifth power of distance. [ 15 marks]

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