DAY 6 – DAW January

Equation of motion for rotation; Molecular rotations (as rigid bodies); Di and tri-atomic molecules; Precessional motion; top, gyroscope.


Q 1. A sphere of mass 0.5kg rolls on a smooth surface without slipping with a constant velocity of 3.0 m/s. Calculate its kinetic energy (2021)

Q 2. Where do you find the applications of gyroscope? A top of mass 0.200 kg is made up of a thin disc of radius 0.12 m. It is pierced in the centre and a pin of negligible mass is mounted normal to its plane. The pivot under the disc is 0.03 m long. The tip is made to spin with its axis making an angle θ=20°θ = 20\degree with the vertical and a precessional angular speed of 2 rad/s. Calculate the angular speed with which it spins. (2019)

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