DAY 8 – DAW February

Pointing theorem; Vector and scalar potentials; Electromagnetic field tensor, covariance of Maxwell’s equations; Wave equations in isotropic dielectrics,


Q 1. A region 1, z<0z<0, has a dielectric material with ϵr=3.2\epsilon_r=3.2 and a region 2, z>0z>0 has a dielectric material with ϵr=2.0\epsilon_r=2.0. Let the displacement vector in the region 1 be, D1=30ax+50ay+70aznCm2\vec D_1 = -30a_x+50a_y+70a_z nCm^{-2}. Assume the interface charge density is zero. Find in the region 2, the D2\vec D_2 and P2\vec P_2, where P2\vec P_2 is the electric poliarization vector in the region 2. [20 marks]

Q 2. Find the vector potential due to a line segment from x=a x = a to x=bx = b carrying a current II at a point P which is at a distance dd from the line segment. [20 marks]

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