DAY 11 – DAW February

Laws of thermodynamics, reversible and irreversible processes, entropy;


Q 1. One mole of an ideal gas is compressed at constant temperature T from a volume V1V_1 to a volume V2V_2. Find the work done and heat absorbed by the gas. The gas now expands adiabatically to a volume of 2V. Taking the gas to be diatomic, calculate the final temperature of the gas. [10 marks]

Q 2. 1 kmol of an ideal gas is compressed isothermally at 400 K from 100 kPa to 1000 kPa in a piston and cylinder arrangement. Calculate the entropy change of the gas, of the surroundings and the total entropy change resulting from the process if the process is mechanically reversible and the surroundings consist of a heat reservoir at 400K [10 marks]

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