DAY 9 – DAW February

reflection and refraction at the boundary of two dielectrics; Fresnel’s relations; Total internal reflection; Normal and anomalous dispersion;


Q 1. A plane electromagnetic wave propagating along +z direction is incident normally on the boundary at z = 0 between medium A (z < 0) and medium B (z > 0). Determine the reflection coefficient transmission coefficient for the wave.[20 marks]

Q 2. Consider the incidence of a plane- polarised electromagnetic wave at the interface of two media having dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability (ϵ1,μ1)(\epsilon_1,\mu_1)and (ϵ2,μ2)(\epsilon_2,\mu_2) respectively. The interface is chosen to be x = 0 plane. K1,K2\vec K_1, \vec K_2 and K3\vec K _3 represent the propagator vectors associated with the incident, refracted and reflected waves respectively. Using the boundary conditions on them, establish the Snell’s laws of refraction. [20 marks]

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