DAY 5 – DAW February

Magnetic shell, uniformly magnetized sphere; Ferromagnetic materials, hysteresis, energy loss. Biot-Savart law, Ampere’s law,


Q 1. Two solenoids have 500 and 800 turns of wire and are placed co-axially close to each other. A current of 5.0 A in the first solenoid produces an average flux of 200μWb200\mu Wb though its each turn and a flux of 100μWb100\mu Wb through each turn of the second solenoid. Find the self-inductance of the first solenoid and the mutual inductance of solenoids. [10 marks]

Q 2. In the circuit diagram shown below, the voltmeter reads 50 volts when it is connected across the 400 Ω\Omega resistance. Calculate what the same voltmeter will read when connected across the 300 Ω\Omega  resistance. [10 marks]

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