DAY 2 – DAW February

Method of images and its applications; Potential and field due to a dipole, force and torque on a dipole in an external field;


Q 1. A vertical oriented electric dipole having dipole moment p\vec p is kept at a height hh above an infinitely large horizontal conducting plate, which is grounded as shown in the diagram. Calculate the force between electric dipole and the conducting plate by the method of images. [15 marks]

Q 2. show that the interaction energy of two dipoles of moment  P1\vec P_1 and  P2\vec P_2 separated by displacement r\vec r  is U=14πϵ01r3[P1.P23(P1.r^)(P2.r^)]U=\frac 1{4\pi\epsilon_0}\frac1{r^3}[\vec P_1.\vec P_2-3(\vec P_1.\hat r)(\vec P_2.\hat r)]  assuming the expression for the field due to a dipole. [15 marks]

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