DAY 1 – DAW February

Laplace and Poisson equations in electrostatics and their applications; Energy of a system of charges, multiple expansion of scalar potential


Q 1. Starting from the Laplace’s equation in a cylindrical polar coordinate system and using the method of separation of variables , obtain the differential equations for the solution of  r, θ\theta  and z  component of the potential. [15 marks]

Q 2. A 0.5m long cylindrical medium between two conducting plates has a uniform charge density of 100nC/m3100 nC/m^3.The axial of the cylindrical medium is along the z-axis. The left plate is at z=0z=0 and has a potential of 10kV10kV and the right plate is grounded. Determine the electric field at axial distance z=0.2mz=0.2m. [15 marks]

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