DAY 19 – DAW January

Production and detection of linearly and circularly polarized light; Double refraction, quarter wave plate; Optical activity; Principles of fibre optics, attenuation; Pulse dispersion in step index and parabolic index fibres; Material dispersion, single mode fibres;


Q 1. For a multimode step-index optical fibre, the core refractive index is 1.5 and the fractional index difference is 0.001. Calculate the pulse broadening for 1 km length of the fibre. Over a length of 2 km of the fibre, calculate the minimum pulse separation that can be transmitted without overlap. [10 marks]

Q 2. (i) How can one convert a left-handed circularly polarized light into a right-handed one (and vice versa)? (ii) Calculate the thickness of a quarter-wave plate when the wavelength of light is 589 nm. Given: μo=1.544\mu_o=1.544 and μE=1.553\mu_E=1.553. [10 marks]

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